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Good viticulturists take the landscapes of their vineyard to the bottle and make us dream of those lands. This is what Javier Arizcuren wines are like, pure terroir from the Sierra de Yerga in La Rioja Oriental. They are small wines in production, but very big in character, as confirmed by the scores of the main guides, or by being present on the menus of more than 30 restaurants with Michelin stars, such as Martin Berasategui, Arzak, Atrio, Echaurren or Maaemo in Norway. In his urban winery in Logroño he has combined vocation and trade, creating a space for the production and aging of his wines that will not leave those who visit him indifferent. Below we detail the types of visits we offer: Urban Cellar The vision of the architect and the winegrower united in a reinvented urban space that recovers a lost historical tradition of making wines in the center of Logroño. The visit begins by locating the setting for the vineyards, the Sierra de Yerga in Eastern Rioja, as well as a review of the past and present of the traditional viticultural culture. We will see century-old plots and how these vineyards are worked through sustainable and respectful viticulture. We will take a tour of the production and aging facilities of the urban winery, stopping at the particularities of artisan work, aging in clay amphorae, foudres or barrels. We will also see how we carry out the work of labeling and sealing bottles when it comes to wines in small productions. We will finish off with a tasting of three wines: Monte Gatún, Sologarnacha and Solomazuelo, with an appetizer with selected Rioja sausages and accompanied by our own organic olive oil and wood-fired oven bread. An emotional visit to enjoy the culture of wine, with the charm of the small and the artisanal. Duration : 1:15h Price: €20/person Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.     Urban Cellar Premium An experience to discover the full potential of the vineyards and the most special wines of the Arizcuren project, at the same time a great opportunity to visit a winery in the urban area of the city, recovering the historical tradition of the center of Logroño as a place of elaboration of wines, lost for centuries and dating back to the Middle Ages. It begins with a detailed view of the historic vineyards of Rioja Oriental, its distinctive grape varieties that have traditionally been grown in our area, the culture of detail in the world of wine, small plots worked with the traditional knowledge transmitted by the ancestors. We will continue with a tour of the production and aging rooms of the urban winery, where we will learn how these wines are made and aged in barrels, amphorae and concrete tanks in such a unique space. We will taste 5 wines that are part of the Arizcuren project: Monte Gatún, the Sologarnacha and Solomazuelo varietals, a wine made in clay amphorae, and to round off an exclusive parcel wine such as Barranco del Prado, classified as a Singular Vineyard by the Rioja Regulatory Council. All these wines together are present on the menus of more than 30 Michelin star restaurants. We will accompany the tasting with our own organic olive oil and an appetizer consisting of Iberian loin and bread from a wood oven. Duration : 1h30 Price: €30/person Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  


Kondaria Beers

( Mendavia )
KONDAIRA is a signature beer with regional identity and Navarran roots, made with 100% natural ingredients.
Our beer is born in a privileged setting on the Navarrese riverside, the town of Mendavia , characterized for being the town with the most Denominations of Origin in Spain. Our beer pays a well-deserved tribute to the value of the fields that shelter our roots and to their farmers , who make them sprout to offer us the best grains and the juiciest fruits. We believe that, first of all, food should taste "good", arouse positive and pleasant emotions, as well as give us a unique taste experience. The industrialization that tends to normalize flavors and the race for profits, make us forget that the essential objective of the food industry should be «to produce tasty, healthy and safe food» . At Cervezas KONDAIRA we intend to return traditional flavors to those who place their trust in our hands, favoring closeness and proximity, local ingredients and collaborations with Navarrese artisans . Sustainable development is inseparable from independent productions and this synergy contributes to our beers having a friendly personality and being unique. We make different styles of craft beer. Among them, two CIRCULAR ECONOMY beers made with artisan bread from Pamplona/Iruña. Bread is one of the foods that is most wasted on a daily basis and in bakeries it can no longer be sold from one day to the next. So the people who work at the Ultzama Foundation collect this bread, toast it, and we incorporate it into our OGI KOXKORRA beer. We also make an ECOLOGICAL and GLUTEN-FREE beer. Each of our beers tells a story or legend of Navarra on the label.  


Garrarte Donostia

Donostia, San Sebastián

We are a company of artisan sweets, the fourth generation of artisan confectioners, since 1880 we have been sweetening their lives . Our great-grandfather began to make them, passing on the love for sweets generation after generation.
Since we were very young we have always found ourselves surrounded by sweets, the time of the pilgrimages and festivals of the surrounding towns arrived and in our houses there was movement and of course we all had to collaborate. We sisters remember our childhood with great tenderness. How our parents got into the "bajera" and placed the saucepans with water, sugar and vegetable color, started to prepare all kinds of traditional candies, figurines, hammers, lollipops, lollipops, lollipops... In short, a multitude of sweets.
They have always told us how when they were very young they were left without a father (in fact my mother was born 15 days after shooting my grandfather), but that our grandmother Cirila, a great woman, took out all her children, who were not few ( 12 births) forward working very hard with the sugar. This was the legacy that my grandfather Santiago had left her, she had learned to make everything: from candies to pastries, wafers, ice cream... all kinds of sweets.
From a very young age, he prepared a basket for them that they took to the station and got on the train (some made the Tafalla-Castejón route and others Tafalla-Pamplona), there they sold and returned home with the proceeds. They also went to pilgrimages, parties and other soirees to try to sell their products and thus they transmitted their love for sweets and they to us.
Our grandfather Santiago inherited all his knowledge from our great-grandfather Pablo. After many decades of working together, our parents (who are brothers) and after teaching us the trade, we decided to follow in their footsteps, we traveled the entire geography holding craft fairs, medieval markets and festivals.
We have done countless courses to continue learning (Paris, Barcelona, Brussels... etc). We belong to the Artisan Food Association of Navarra, Reyno Gourmet and Singular Dendak of Gipuzkoa. A few years ago we decided to start a business and opened a store in the heart of Iruña on Calle Estafeta, in which we are delighted thanks to our customers. We make all kinds of sugar-coated candies, candies, nougats, jellies and chocolates, always with a lot of love and the best raw materials. Then we did it in the old part of Donostia on Calle Puerto, next to Plaza de la Constitución.




Granja EL MORO is a dairy goat farm with its own cheese factory.

It is located in Figarol, a small town on the upper bank of Navarra, close to the Natural Park of Las Bardenas Reales, (World Biosphere Reserve).

The cheese factory is next to the goat farm, from which all the milk used to make our cheeses will be obtained.

On the farm there are about 450 adult goats, which are the ones that produce milk. It is, for the most part, goats of the Murcian-Granadina breed; although there are also some goats of the Malaga breed.


At the moment, we market four types of cheese. Three of them, from pasteurized milk from our goats. And one, from raw milk.

  • FRESH GOAT CHEESE: It is a Burgos-type fresh cheese made with pasteurized goat's milk. It comes in transparent plastic tubs and weighs approximately 380-400 grams.

  • SEMI-CURED GOAT CHEESE: It is a matured cheese made with pasteurized goat's milk. It has a maturation of between 5 and 7 weeks. Its rind is whitish-green in color and it is packaged without washing. It comes wrapped in white paper and weighs approximately 500-600 grams.

  • CURED GOAT CHEESE: It is a matured cheese made with pasteurized goat's milk. It is matured for three months. Its bark is grayish green and it is packaged without washing. It is presented wrapped in transparent film paper and weighs approximately 400-500 grams.

  • CURED RAW GOAT 'S MILK CHEESE : It is a matured cheese made with raw milk of goat. It has a maturation of three months or more. Its bark is colored green grayish Y I know packs without to wash. I know presents vacuum packed Y have an weight of 400-500 grams approximately.