Haute cuisine tour!

The largest concentration of award-winning restaurants in the world

At VISIT GastrOH! You will see that our stars shine with their own light. And they are none other than the women and men of our land who have become some of the most famous chefs in the world, people who have earned all the recognition of critics and world gastronomic guides thanks to their impeccable work in the kitchen. We have nearly 200 establishments recognized by prestigious publications, such as the Michelin Guide, the Restaurant Magazine (The World 50 Best Restaurants), the Repsol Guide or Master Restaurateur.

Do not forget to live the experience of sitting at the table in one of the gastronomic temples to verify that this international recognition has been earned by hand, thanks to their mastery in the kitchen and an excellent professionalism in the room. The satisfaction of all diners is guaranteed. Of course, book well in advance to ensure that you can enjoy its excellent cuisine. We propose a high-flying gastronomic trip, in which you can enjoy some of the best restaurants in the world.

In them, the best raw materials become authentic works of culinary art in the hands of our chefs.

our haute cuisine!

Discover the art of cooking at the hands of the best chefs.

Here you have a journey through some of the best restaurants in the world, distinguished by prestigious Guides (Michelin or Repsol or Master Restaurateur). Our landscape sits at the table in the form of innovative preparations made by some of the best chefs in the world.

High kitchen

Some have already achieved prestige, others will soon do so. Because here gastronomy continues to grow day after day as a great collective movement in which quality and success can emerge in any establishment.

Among the list of establishments that stand out above the rest, you will find haute cuisine, but you should know that there are many more where you can also enjoy the best of our gastronomy.


  • Sit at the table and get carried away by the excellent tasting menus proposed by our chefs.
  • Live the experience of pairing the local gastronomy with the wines of our territory.
  • Do not forget that due to the high demand, in most establishments it is necessary to book a few months in advance.