Gastro Tour!

Discover 5 regions of Spain and France

Why choose one region if you can enter all of them and live the fascinating gastronomic experiences that each one offers you? We propose the Great Roadtrip / Tour Gastroh, an original way to immerse yourself in the gastronomic culture of our regions, traveling through secondary roads, so that you move at your own pace, in the means of transport that you choose, without rushing.

More than 1000 km of roads to slowly discover the different gastronomic landscapes of the regions that make up VISIT GastrOH!, collect exceptional postcards, visit producers in rural areas, enter towns and cities to experience the gastronomic atmosphere of their streets and squares, taste wines and snacks in their bars, buy local products in the markets, enjoy authentic gastronomy or more innovative of its restaurants, etc.

If you don’t want to visit only the most outstanding resources, we suggest you discover everything. A unique gastronomic journey through our territory.

5 regions of Spain and France, 15 thematic routes

600 producers that open their doors to receive your visit, some 60 spaces related to gastronomic culture, nearly 200 restaurants with distinctions in prestigious guides, more than 100 unique gastronomic experiences and 500 events and parties to experience throughout the anus.

Pyrenees Gastronomic Tour

The Pyrenean mountain range forms an idyllic landscape of high mountains, rivers, forests and green valleys to walk slowly and discover unique colors while savoring its excellent products.

It is the ideal setting for raising native livestock that provides us with excellent meats, veal, lamb, pork, duck… as well as river trout and salmon, without forgetting the varied mushrooms and fungi of its forests. Thanks to its pastures, we enjoy excellent cheeses, curds and other dairy products.

Basque Coast Gastronomic Tour

This route that runs along the coast and connects two countries, leads us to discover a large number of fishing villages. They are villas with the smell of salt and grilled fish, manor houses and numerous mansions, the legacy of those illustrious sailors who left their mark on history.

Towns and cities that will make us fall in love from their ports, with their picturesque landscape of multicolored boats. Some beaches allow us to enjoy a moment of bathing while we work up an appetite to enjoy an extraordinary meal based on fish on a terrace with views of the Bay of Biscay.

Ebro Valley Gastronomic Tour

This itinerary runs around the course of the Ebro River through Euskadi, La Rioja and Navarra, a fertile land that gives rise to excellent wines, olive oil and an extraordinary orchard that produces vegetables that are considered authentic gastronomic treasures: asparagus, peppers, artichokes, lettuce hearts… and a healthy and unique cuisine based on seasonal products.

During the trip we can find beautiful cultural landscapes modeled by our farmers, a perfect symbiosis of nature and human beings.


  • Travel in a leisurely way, without haste, to save in your retina the different gastronomic landscapes that you will find on your way.
  • Visit producers along the way and purchase their freshly harvested or processed products.
  • Go into the towns and cities and get to know the gastronomic atmosphere of its streets
  • Enjoy the local gastronomy based on seasonal products in as many establishments as you can.