Ecogastronomic Route!

Natural, genuine, honest and respectful.

Ecological production, also called biological or organic, combines the best environmental practices, preservation of natural resources and respect for animal welfare, in order to obtain more natural and healthy food.

At VISIT GastrOH! We currently have more than 2,000 certified organic producers, who are working in their territory in a totally sustainable way, so that production is not altered by any external factor or element that could alter its true flavor and natural condition.

a genuine route

Here, gastronomy, like our people, is real. Natural, genuine, honest and respectful.

We propose a unique tour of our regions to discover some of the organic producers and farms that our territory offers. If you can make this journey by bicycle or other non-polluting means, you will fully ally yourself with the philosophy of life of our environment. You will taste fruits and vegetables with explosive flavors, cheeses and dairy products that will make you close your eyes with pleasure, virgin oils of extreme quality, unique wines. You can stay in one of these exclusive farms or farmhouses, savor organic products in restaurants aligned with this lifestyle, disconnect through the landscapes and let yourself be carried away by the sound of the birds.

A genuine route through the exclusive flavors of our regions, through its organic producers and farms in which to embrace sustainability and the flavor that you will find in them and their spectacular spaces and natural parks.


  • Visit an organic producer and learn first-hand what factors differentiate them from the rest.
  • Taste organic products and learn about their healthy characteristics.
  • Immerse yourself in this healthy atmosphere.
  • Visit an organic wine cellar and participate in the harvest (if the season allows it) or carry out a sustainable tourism activity among vineyards.
  • Visit a market of ecological products.