Destination cheese!

A true cheese destination

Numerous herds of sheep and goats of native breeds abound in the landscape of our mountain areas, which feed on the best pastures to produce milk with exceptional characteristics.

This high-quality milk becomes the best raw material in the hands of our shepherds and master cheesemakers, who have passed on their know-how from generation to generation, resulting in cheeses with their own names such as Idiazabal, Roncal, Camerano or Ossau Iraty. .

The production of cheese in our mountains and valleys was the way to take advantage of the surplus milk, serving in turn as a food reserve for families and shepherds in times of lower production. Today, artisans and small industries continue with the cheese-making tradition, contributing not only to maintaining the traditional flavors and preserving the cultural and gastronomic heritage, but also to preventing the extinction of native breeds, such as the latxa sheep, with whose Milk is made from Idiazabal Cheese and Roncal Cheese.

cheese territories
The landscape is the origin of our excellent cheeses

Discover the cheese territories

Discover the landscapes, towns and valleys that give their name to some of the most famous cheeses in the world

Our cheeses, in addition to having been awarded numerous national and international awards for their organoleptic properties, are protected by different appellations of origin that ensure their quality through strict controls.

Take your time to leisurely discover our cheese-making territories, where you will find many dairies that open their doors to visitors, offering them the chance to learn about cattle care and the production process. And, if you dare, you can make your own cheese or even live the experience of being a shepherd for a day. To end the day, nothing better than getting lost in the streets of our towns and cities to taste local cheeses in bars and restaurants.

Plans to your taste and measure

Artisanal cheese factories, farms and refineries open their doors for you to discover their ancestral know-how.

Our cheeses have always maintained their characteristic flavor and aroma, being made in a natural and artisan way.
In addition, you can go through the themed cheese routes, such as The Route des fromages AOP d’Ossau Iraty or the Idiazabal Route (GR-283), where you will have the opportunity to learn about the production cycle of our Ossau Iraty and Idiazabal cheeses from start to finish, beginning with the landscapes where the sheep graze, the dairies where they are made, and the markets and shops where they are


  • Visit one of our artisan dairies and buy cheese directly from the producer.
  • Visit cheese museums and interpretation centers to learn about the history and production process.
  • Taste our cheeses in restaurants and bars and pair them with cider and local wines.
  • Acquire cheeses in markets and specialized stores.
  • Attend cheese gastronomic events and parties