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From the avant-garde of the capitals to the tranquility of the coastal towns, the magic of the Goierri environment or the landscape of the Rioja Alavesa. Emblematic enclaves of a magical land that welcomes tourists with open arms inviting them to learn about its history, nature and culture. And all this, seasoned by its unparalleled enogastronomy.

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Euskadi tourism

Euskadi’s tourism is, without a doubt, on the rise, which can be explained by the increase in the number of tourists visiting the most essential and emblematic places of said land.

In this sense, from our website, we want to help you to make your trip to Euskadi as easy and pleasant as possible without renouncing to any of their magic. For this, besides informing you about the most beautiful places in Euskadi, we also recommend activities and experiences unique to this country and how to enjoy them with family.

Euskadi, a unique place

Euskadi, also known as the Basque Country, is a Spanish region located in the eastern part of the Cantabrian coast with a surface that reaches more than 7,200 km2.

This culture is preceded by a singular history and economy, a deep-rooted cultural and social roots, which make the traditions, folklore, and mythology of this land really special.

Euskadi is, indeed, a unique place. This country with a rich mosaic of realities, contrasting landscapes, and people in which the traditional and the modern coexist in harmony.

The Basque Country maintains a strong link with its natural environment. From the sea to the essence of the coastal towns, nowadays important tourist enclaves. The interior with valleys and mountains where green and cold temperatures define their character.

Villages and rural centers that proudly take care of and show the authentic essence of Euskadi. Irun, Hondarribia, Zarautz and the three Basque capitals: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao and Donosti-San Sebastián, are destinations of marked personality and complementary that form a modern and current Euskadi.

In this small country there are not very good communications and means of transport. What prevails between their municipalities are well build highways and other means where cars can cross the country from any direction.

These are strategically located on the road to Northern Europe. Also, having a modern and safe road and rail network, plus their complex air connections, Euskadi is very proud to say that it can be travelled easily from any part of the planet.

Euskadi, a country of countries

Euskadi is known as a country of countries, that being because of the uniqueness of every one of the capitals and the regions that form this incredible land.

Starting in Bilbao, which has lived an impressive transformation from an industrial city into an avant-garde metropolis that brings together the great figures of international architecture.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Green Capital of 2012, it has a rich heritage and urban planning that is a worldwide reference. Being one of the most known cities, not only of Spain, but the world, Vitoria is a must-see if you decide to travel to Euskadi.

Donosti-San Sebastián, elegant and stately with its incomparable Concha Bay in the urban environment, the fishing port and the gastronomic, commercial and cultural offer of its historical area.

People come to the Basque Country to enjoy themselves and to take into their hearts good experiences such as those offered by the leisure and sports activities related to ecotourism.

A Network of Natural Park Trails and other protected areas such as the Basque Coast Geopark, the Talaia trail, which runs along the coast of Gipuzkoa from Hondarribia to Mutriku and, finally, the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, where you can reconnect with nature.

And, you can practice birding in the spaces provided by the silent observation of birds. If you don’t like that plan, feel the landscape with all its bravery or catch all the waves on beaches like Zarautz, which holds one of the world surfing circuit tests.

If you like to move around by bicycle, Euskadi has routes of different levels, without forgetting the Green Ways to enjoy without difficulty of a unique landscape, in addition to relive the history and culture that hide the paths for where once traveled the railroad.

However, you may also be looking for a unique destination to disconnect and enjoy your freedom. But, if there is something that makes us truly unique, it is their unique gastronomy.

The Basque people were born to cook in the kitchen and enjoy themselves around a table. The Basque Country has the highest per capita concentration of Michelin stars in 24 restaurants, which puts them in the top of the culinary world.

Innovation and excellence can also be found in restaurants and pintxo bars without stars: cider, txakoli with Designation of Origin and Rioja Alavesa wine are the best companions.

Euskadi, no place like it

A unique gastronomy, with good raw material and adapted to all budgets.

Outside sports through impossible landscapes that are as green as they are beautiful all year long.

You can go out for pintxos and try the gilda, one of our most popular pintxos.

Eat in a cider house, taste the creations of Michelin stars, whatever you choose, we assure you that it will be a great experience.

Finally, taste the creations of Michelin stars chefs, whatever you decide. We assure you that it will be a great experience, changing your conception of what true gastronomy is.

You will also be able to see a whole new level of quality products when you get lost among the local markets, the food, and wine fairs.

Also, the events where the good products of the sea and the land are honored are featured in Euskadi, which will give you the opportunity to be in direct contact with their unique products, key pieces of their universal gastronomy.

If you are planning your trip to the Basque Country and you have unanswered questions, we encourage you to send them to us. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

If you want to complement your visit to emblematic places in Euskadi with authentic and surprising activities, we recommend you to use our website to book your next experience in Euskadi.