Its streets are full of activity, its docks, sunny terraces with views over the rivers, this city is in itself an invitation to travel.


The urban centre of Bayonne (“Baiona” in the Basque language) is located in the northernmost point of the French Basque Country, at the confluence of the Nive and Adur rivers.

Explore Bayonne, it’s really amazing! Few cities are so full of surprises. Experience the unique atmosphere of the 3 neighbourhoods of Grand Bayonne, Petit Bayonne and Saint-Esprit, and feel the influence of the Basque and Gascon culture, that make up the unique spirit of this city.

Starting with the spires of the Sainte-Marie cathedral, full of history, right up to the monumental urban fresco by Deih, the artist, go on a journey through time, between history and modernity, in a city described as the Ville dArt et dHistoire (City of Art and History).

The cathedral of Sainte-marie and its two towers dominate the entire city. The bishop’s palace, which is right opposite as well as the churches of Saint-André and Saint-Sprit, have a very similar religious imprint.

Rich in culinary and festive tradition, Basque and Gascon alike, Bayonne represents the pleasures of daily life. Come and discover our restaurants! Acclaimed cider houses, restaurants, traditional or exotic…Bayonne has the good fortune to boast an impressive variety of cuisines.

Chocolate and ham

Internationally acclaimed for its cured ham, Bayonne can also take pride in being the historic capital of chocolate in France for the last 400 years.

‘Jambon de Bayonne’ is a designation that protects and defends the good name of this product. Since 1998, a Protected Geographical Identification (IGP for its abbreviation in French) has been protecting Bayonne ham under a strict list of conditions.