Discover the Basque Highlands

The district of Goierri is located in the heart of Euskadi.

18 towns and villages, most with less than 1000 inhabitants, offering an exceptional natural charm, thanks to their location between the Nature Park of Aralar and the Nature Park of Aizkorri-Aratz.

Gastronomy, nature and culture are the three great attractions of Goierri, an area that captivates sport enthusiasts, couples looking to have a break in a peaceful place, and tourists wishing to explore the rural areas around San Sebastian.


Gastronomy: “Idiazabal Territory”

Idiazabal cheese has made the Basque Highlands area famous. This product is made with raw sheep’s milk from the Latxa breed, following the same artisanal method that has been used for centuries. Idiazabal cheese has its own Designation of Origin and has received countless awards in the prestigious International Cheese World Awards competition that is held each year.