Salies de Bearn!


A talking wild boar, water ten times saltier than seawater, white gold: these are the “magic” ingredients that have brought fame to the town.

Salies is a town with two histories: on the one hand, that of the vibrant, bustling atmosphere around an open air basin used by its inhabitants to draw salt water and make salt at home; on the other hand, that or a rich and distinguished clientele, coming to take waters at the thermal springs.

Narrow streets, wooden balconies and stilt houses standing right next to grand hotels, a spa and a bandstand.

The Salt Museum, set right in the heart of the old town and occupying a 17th century mansion, is dedicated to the history of Salies-de-Bearne and its rich past, linked to the presence of salt in its underground waters.

A must-visit is the spa quarter with its Moorish-style Thermal Baths, Belle Époque buildings, Casino and public gardens with a bandstand and mini-golf course. It’s also an opportunity to unwind and relax while you appreciate the benefits of the thermal spa treatments on offer.


The Salt Festival

Each year, in September, the Salt Festival is held, with a cured food market, inauguration ceremony, traditional songs and dances, parade of floats and lively banquet.