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Gure txokoa


The hand of Elena Aizpurua and the experience of chef Joxe Mari Mitxelena are put at the service of a kitchen capable of surprising the most select palates. Its cuisine is characterized by offering the true flavor of the best products.

The Gure Txokoa does not stop reinventing itself without losing its roots. Thus, its menu ranges from the most classic dishes of the Basque tradition to the most innovative culinary formulas. All this within coordinates defined by the care in the selection of the raw material and the use of its grill.

Opening Hours

Monday: 13:00–15:00 h
Wednesday: 13:00–15:00, 20:00–22:30 h
Thursday: 13:00–15:00, 20:00–22:30 h
Friday: 13:00–15:00, 20:00–22:30 h
Saturday: 13:00–15:00, 20:00–22:30 h
Sunday: 13:00–15:00 h


Gipuzkoa kalea, 22
20800 Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, ES