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5th Navarre Tortilla Week

June 10, 2022 - June 19, 2022

The bars mainly offer this traditional product that is so popular with all audiences with two different tortilla options: 1. Traditional potato omelette: Basic ingredients: potato, egg, salt, olive oil and optional onion. 2. Potato omelette “with….”:

Navarra Tortilla Week is organized by the Navarra Hospitality and Tourism Association (AEHN) in collaboration with CaixaBank, Heinneken, the Hospitality Cooperative as official supplier and CPAEN. In addition, it has the collaboration of the Department of Tourism of the Government of Navarra and the Pamplona City Council.


The event will be held from June 10 to 19, 2022, in which a total of 27 establishments will participate, who will offer the public one or two tortilla options, with which they will later present themselves (if they wish) to the “Contest of Tortillas”:

  1. Traditional potato omelette: Basic ingredients: potato, egg, salt, olive oil and optional onion.
  2. Potato omelette “with….”: Based on a potato omelette, each establishment will add any type of ingredient it deems appropriate, in order to give its skewer a touch of originality and flavour.

The Hospitality Association has published displays, flyers and posters listing the establishments and their address, so that those who go to taste the pinchos can create their own routes. They will be distributed in all participating establishments, shops and tourist offices.

The participating establishments, distributed throughout Navarra, are from the following towns: Pamplona, Ayegui, Berriozar, Cizur Menor, Larraga and Tudela.

As in the previous edition, the website has the information of the participants, the tortilla pinchos and the location of the establishment.

On the other hand, from the social networks everything that happens about the Navarre Tortilla Week (news, anecdotes, photos of the participating skewers) is energized and communicated and you can follow the news with the hashtag #TortillaNavarra2022 on the pages of :

Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :


Once the Navarra Tortilla Week event is over, the election of the WINNING TORTILLAS will take place in the final to be held at the headquarters of the Hospitality Cooperative on Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

All the establishments that wish to participate in the categories in which they have chosen to participate will compete. The tortillas will be tasted by a jury made up of professional chefs who will decide the winners that same day. The jury assesses them according to: presence/aspect, cooking point, aroma, texture, flavour.

  • CPAEN AWARD for the “Best Tortilla made with organic products”.


Photography Prize on Instagram- Heineken will award a gift to the user who has shared the most original photograph on Instagram.

As in previous editions, a photography contest will be held on Instagram open to the public, in which users can participate by uploading the photos they take from Friday June 10 to Sunday June 19 (both inclusive). . The most original photo will be awarded by a jury.

The requirements to participate are:

  • Upload a photo to Instagram in which one or more tortilla skewers appear indicating the name of the establishment.
  • Follow @hostelerianavarra
  • Tag the photos with the official hashtag #TortillaNavarra2022


The first known document in which a reference to the potato omelette appears is from Navarre. It is an anonymous “mousetrap memorial”, addressed to the Cortes of Navarra in 1817. It explains the foods eaten by farmers and the basic ingredients of the potato omelette appear: eggs, potato and oil.
Legend has it that it was General Tomás de Zumalacárregui who popularized the potato omelette as a simple, quick and nutritious dish with which to satisfy the appetite of his troops.
This version of the legend states that a Navarran housewife invented the potato omelette, in whose home the aforementioned Zumalacárregui stayed. The lady, from a humble family, made a scrambled egg with the only food she had, which was eggs, onions and potatoes. In this way, and by chance, he created the potato omelette, which the general liked very much and would later make it popular among his army.



1. Monastery Bar (Ezpoz y Mina, 11). Weekly rest Monday and Tuesday
• Traditional tortilla
• Eko-Veggie Tortilla

2. Cafe Iruña (Pza. Castillo, 44)
• Traditional tortilla

3. Caravinagre (Hotel Maisonnave – Nueva, 20). Weekly rest Monday
• Traditional tortilla
• Tortilla with farmhouse roast chicken

4. Tortilla Inn (Navarrería, 12)
• Omelette with bacon and caramelized onion

5. Bar Aldapa (Carmen, 13)
• Tortilla with txistorra and chilli pepper

6. Cathedral Bistrot (Navarrería, 20 )
• Traditional tortilla
• “Bistrotilla” omelette

7. Bar Ulzama (San Nicolás, 12) Weekly rest Monday afternoon
• Traditional tortilla
• Omelette with onion, leek, green pepper and cod

8. The Mandarra de la Ramos (San Nicolás, 9)
• Traditional tortilla
• Omelette with zucchini and Parmesan cream

9. Basoko Tavern (San Nicolás, 13). Weekly rest Monday
• Traditional tortilla
• Omelette with mushrooms, garlic sprouts and courgette

10. Katuzarra (San Nicholas, 34)
• Omelette with Idiazábal cheese and Iberian ham

11. Bearan Bar & Rooms (San Nicolas, 25)
• Traditional tortilla

12. Old Iruña (San Nicolás, 40-42)
• Traditional tortilla
• Omelette with truffle

13. Cafeteria Elizalde (San Nicolás, 66-68)
• Traditional tortilla

14. Picnic (San Nicolás, 72). Weekly rest Sunday afternoon and Monday all day.
• Traditional tortilla

15. Taquería El Mariachi (San Gregorio, 12). It is served from Thursday to Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
• “Rancherita” omelette

16. Yoldi Bar Rest. Hotel (Av. San Ignacio, 11). Weekly rest Sunday afternoon
• Traditional tortilla
• Tortilla with oxtail

17. The Garden of Chicha (Paulino Caballero, 15)
• Traditional tortilla
• Omelette with cod, caramelized onion and truffle

18. Lajuana Gastrobar Mendebaldea (Benjamín de Tudela, 42 rear). Weekly rest Monday morning.
• Traditional tortilla

19. Chelsy (Iturrama, 20)
• Traditional tortilla

20. Harmony (Acella, 2). Weekly rest Sunday
• Traditional tortilla
• Tortilla with mushrooms and cheese sauce


21. Camping Iratxe (Av. Prado de Iratxe, 14)
• Traditional tortilla
• Tortilla with cod in sauce Iratxe style

22. Bar Kirol / Rest. Irache (Av. Prado de Iratxe, 4). Open weekends (from Friday night to Sunday at noon)
• Traditional tortilla
• Omelette with cod with garlic sauce


23. Aizberri Bar Rest. (Pol. Berriainz, 65). Weekly rest Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day.
• Traditional tortilla
• Tortilla with zucchini and goat cheese


24. La Parri Bar Rest. (Pza. Baltxarran, 2)
• Traditional tortilla
• Omelette with reduced Ali-oli ham


25. Casa Perico (Ctra. Berbinzana, 12) .
• Traditional tortilla
• Tortilla with peppers and grilled asparagus


26. The Patio del Remigio (Gaztambide, 4). Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday night from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
• Traditional tortilla

27. Bar La Catedral (Butchers, 2). Weekly rest Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
• Traditional tortilla



June 10, 2022
June 19, 2022