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Martin Berasategui***


A pioneering, bright and elegant restaurant, run by the famous chef Martín Berasategui, the Spanish chef with the most Michelin stars and third in the world. Martin Berasategui’s career took off in a dizzying way with the opening, on May 1, 1993, together with his wife, Oneka Arregui, of the Martín Berasategui Restaurant in Lasarte-Oria, 7 km from San Sebastián. Six months after its inauguration, it obtained its first Michelin Star; three years later it receives the second and in the 2002 guide they give it the highest rating of the emblematic guide, three.

Located in a modern farmhouse, Martín Berasategui displays all his ingenuity in the kitchen, preparing avant-garde signature cuisine full of surprises.

Awards: 3 Michelin stars, 3 Repsol Suns
Facilities: Car park, Disabled-friendly
Price: +80€
Type of cuisine: Signature / Market cuisine

Opening Hours

Wednesday: 13:00–14:30, 20:30–21:30 h
Thursday: 13:00–14:30, 20:30–21:30 h
Friday: 13:00–14:30, 20:30–21:30 h
Saturday: 13:00–14:30, 20:30–21:30 h
Sunday: 13:00–14:30 h


Loidi Kalea, 4
20160 Lasarte Oria , Gipuzkoa, ES