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In the middle of nowhere, between Madrid and Barcelona, is the HOTEL Aire de Bardenas, different from all the others you have visited. At the entrance of the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, in Navarra, northern Spain.

Visiting Aire de Bardenas is savoring every moment. Stop for a moment. Listen to the sound of the poplars, the birds, the sound of the water from the fountain in the square of the mulberry trees.

Visit our GARDEN and savor our organically grown products from the land so that their flavor is the authentic taste of real vegetables. Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, lettuce hearts from Tudela, asparagus in season…

Enjoy in our RESTAURANT high quality and zero kilometer products, pampered by our chef Check the activities to do, give an experience in Aire to family and friends.


Closing periods: Neither


Ctra. de Ejea, NA-125, km. 1, 5
31500 Tudela, Navarre, ES